The key to exclusion is sealing and securing all possible rodent entry points, in your home. This includes cracks in the foundation, improperly installed vents or damaged vents, drain and waste lines, roof adjointments, gaps in the gutter fascia or foundation mud ceil, garbage shoots and other points of entry that are not properly sealed off or are damaged. We have a licensed Structural Pest Inspector, that has 10+ years of experience in the pest control industry, to go over all possible rodent entry points and provide an estimate to repair them. We also strongly believe that using permanent materials, like cement, flashing and screening, is crucial in keeping rodents out of your home. If you just apply foam from a can with some steel wool, those rodents will be back in your home in no time, the foam is like a marshmallow to them and the taste doesn’t bother them one bit, the steel wool will break down over time, rust and fall out of the entry point. You have to use something that they can’t chew through.